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We treat living and working spaces as extensions of the occupants. Doing business with Renovec starts with a conversation about what is important to you or your business. We strive to rejuvenate your space to boost morale and increase comfort; the effect of the surrounding space on one’s mental and physical health is undeniable. After listening to our clients’ needs, we assist them in developing a clear vision of what they should expect. Many customers complain to us about other general contractors and their lack of creative input. When we are asked about coloring, material or certain arrangements, we help the customer make the best decision based on lifestyles and personalities. With Renovec, we don’t say what typical contractors say which is “you are the one using this space, if you like it, it looks good to us”. Renovec will guide you if you are in doubt. We will not leave such important decisions up to you without at least giving sound advice and guidance. We deeply believe that the space where we live or work affects our state of minds. It is important for us to ensure that the space is in harmony with its occupants. We stay in touch with our clients and follow up with them a few months after a remodeling project and ask them about how the newly remodeled space has changed their life. Nothing makes us happier to hear positive feedback from our customers. Renovec produces true value by focusing solely on the customer’s goals. Renovec aims to provide a beneficial impact on your life or business operation. Having completed hundreds of projects, we know how to achieve a design based on what our client expresses. Renovec designs are unique because they are inspired by the fundamentals of art where different balances are explored and applied.

As a diversified construction company, Renovec is proudly serving all residents and businesses in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia areas. We take pride in our ability to offer a one-stop solution for all of your construction needs, both residential and commercial.


Our experience with the staff at Khatraco, LLC was exceptional. The entire Team was very professional and listened well to our every want and concern in the building of our dream custom home. We could not have asked for a better Team to work with. The additional sub-contractors also did a wonderful job. Mr. Khadar took his time to vet and negotiate all the construction bids, not to only get us the most cost-effective bids but also to ensure that the work of the sub-contractors was completed to high-quality standards. He also made constructive time/cost-saving suggestions throughout the duration of the project. Our expectations were well exceeded, and we are still not tired of hearing compliments from visitors on our beautiful home.


Amadu Forna/Associate Broker

I have worked with Jamal and Khatraco for over 6 years on many projects. The level of service they provide and the work they do is exceptional. I would strongly recommend them for your remodel.


Michael McClellan/Renovation Drafting

Khatraco renovated my row house in DC several years ago and they were wonderful to work with. Very professional and honest with a keen eye for beauty and esthetics while maintaining structural and engineering integrity. We have remained friends since our first engagement, and I often call on them for project bids. Highly recommended working with Khatraco. You will not regret it.


Chris S./Washington DC.


At Renovec, we will happily provide you with proof that we adhere to local laws and regulations designed to protect you and our employees. Those contractors and companies that cut corners on their insurance and licensing would most likely cut corners when working at your home.

You can rest assured knowing that Renovec, being both an experienced construction company and licensed builder, has quality professionals that can work on your project. We have a comprehensive interview process for all of our applicants to ensure that we only employ trade-qualified builders. Renovec only works with the best in the business and we work to your fullest satisfaction!